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About Us

Selling Art is passionate about connecting artists with art lovers worldwide. Our platform provides a seamless experience for artists to showcase their work and for buyers to discover and purchase unique, high-quality art pieces. We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of creativity and expression, making the art-buying process enjoyable and fulfilling for all.

Our Services

Online Art Gallery

Display and sell your artwork to a global audience through our online art gallery platform.

Artwork Promotion

Utilize our marketing expertise to promote and showcase your artwork to potential buyers.

Art Sales Consultation

Receive professional advice and guidance on pricing, negotiations, and sales strategies for your art.

A Guide for Artist

Building a Strong Online Presence

Create a professional website and utilize social media to showcase your art, build a community of followers, and engage with potential buyers. Use high-quality images and share your artistic journey.

Showcasing New Artwork

Art blogs provide a platform to showcase new artwork, giving artists the opportunity to share their latest creations, techniques, and artistic development with a global audience.

Educational Content

Blogs can feature informative content, such as art history, techniques, and tips for aspiring artists, serving as a valuable educational resource for art enthusiasts and aspiring creatives.

Blogs / Web-Stories

Connecting with Collectors

Blogs can offer insight into an artist's creative process, inspiration, and personal experiences, allowing collectors to feel more connected to the artwork and the artist's journey.

Effective Pricing Strategies

Research the market and consider your experience and expenses to set competitive prices for your artwork. Offer various price points for different budgets and consider limited editions or exclusive pieces.

Navigating Galleries and Art Shows

Research and approach galleries that align with your style and audience. Participate in art fairs and exhibitions to network, gain exposure, and make direct sales. Prepare a professional portfolio and pitch.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Art

Investigate how artists are using VR technology to create immersive art experiences. Discuss the potential of VR to redefine the boundaries of art galleries and museums, allowing viewers to interact with art in new ways.

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